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Personnel system

Reborn's personnel system and benefits

I will introduce.


Human resource development system


Unofficial training

Business accompanying, technical training, etc.

new employee training

Business etiquette training, organization / business content training, product / service training, sales accompanying, follow-up training, etc.

* Once you are assigned, we will carry out OJT on site .

Career measures

Career interviews (as needed), job rotation according to individual strengths

Self-development support

In order to support employees who are motivated to learn, the company will bear part of the training fees and book purchase costs in which the applicant voluntarily participates. * Requires permission from the company

Skill improvement support

Reborn's unique e-learning system for learning programming knowledge.




Health insurance, employee pension insurance, employment insurance, workmen's accident insurance, medical insurance system

Transportation expenses

We will provide transportation expenses for commuting commuting charges and sales.

Work environment improvement support

Payment of personal computer and mobile number for company, and purchase of stationery necessary for business.

The event

We hold welcome parties, pick-up parties, year-end parties, etc. * Participation only for applicants


Two days off per week (Saturday, Sunday), national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid leave (one and a half day),

Special leave (marriage, childbirth, dislike, etc.), maternity leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave

Qualification acquisition support

When you get the qualifications necessary for your work, we will pay a seal of money.

Book purchase cost payment

We will cover the cost of purchasing books required for business.

Employment top / personnel system

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