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Ideal candidate profile

I want to aim together and walk together.

In order to enrich people's lives with "fragrance x AI",

we would like to work with professionals to create new common sense, continue research and development.



People who can empathize REVORN idea


People with high aspirations,

and honest to 

other people and their job.


Born to be tech revolution.

Those who are passionate about research to create new technology.


Open mind.

Listen to different perspectives,

resonate with each other,

sharing the joy of success with others. 

REVORN is a world of olfaction

We develop our original technology to "cutting out a moment" of smell.
The smell is converted into data by our sensor and analyzed by AI.

Using these fragrance data from all over the world, we are aiming to build a new definition in the world of smell.

At REVORN, we work with professionals conducting advanced research in a free environment like a lab, engaged in research and development of innovative IoT devices and AI.

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