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What we do

Defining “scent” and leading to a new world

Revorn develops AI using the latest technology,

A company that solves social issues and creates new value

I continue to take on challenges every day.

For clients

Solving odor problems,

Providing solutions

We develop our original technology to "cutting out a moment" of smell.The smell is converted into data by our sensor and analyzed by AI.Using these fragrance data from all over the world, we are aiming to build a new definition in the world of smell.

At REVORN, we work with professionals conducting advanced research in a free environment like a lab, engaged in research and development of innovative IoT devices and AI.

olfaction / fragrance

PR development and provision

We collect "fragrance" information by an independently developed sensor and store in a database. Development of the world's first content using the database accumulated by REVORN , aimed at businesses that want to develop promotional tools that use the sense of smell that will become a new culture, develop new products that have never existed , and launch new products It offers.

AI & IoT contract development

REVORN 's AI services and accompanying data analysis know-how through machine learning will be returned to society to create new ideas and systems. And consistent requirements definition and specification design, system development, bright and new technology, is also good, such as agile development to be carried out well in the AI development. Waterfall type development is also possible. By dealing with the cloud server, etc., such as AWS and GCP, you can your request not to choose the company of the server environment.

Service introduction

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