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Revorn recruits general and technical positions going.

What kind of work are general and technical workers doing?



Comprehensive work

Corporate sales listen to problems and consultations of companies,

My job is to plan and propose solutions that can be solved by REVORN.

REVORN deals with various companies regardless of industry. In addition to in-house developed fragrance AI x IoT, there are many contract development projects. It is a fact that many companies have various problems in the present age when the successor problem due to the declining birthrate, labor cost reduction, work efficiency and productivity in order to increase profits are now required. Contract development sales for corporate system development is the job of listening to the problems and consultations of such companies and planning and proposing solutions that can be solved by our company. It is perfect for those who want to plan and develop new products and services closely with their customers, those who want to work steadily at their own pace, those who want to work in a young environment, and those who want to work surrounded by excellent people.



R & D / PM / Sales

Masashi Okajima



​島田 希穂

採用トップ  /  レボーンの仕事

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