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Revorn recruits general and technical positions going.

What kind of work are general and technical workers doing?



technical job

By conducting research and development of AI related to fragrance , engineers become a pioneer in creating new industries and cultures.

REVORN is a venture company dealing with "scented AI" from the world. However, "scent" itself has a strong research element and is often not recognized by the world. The odor market is expected to grow in the future, and it is expected that various new collaborations will be created by introducing new REVORN technology. For example, it enables the conversion of odors that cannot be sensed by the human nose into data and detects abnormalities. If it is food, it will be possible to identify the "aroma" and improve the quality and productivity with a new measure. There is a possibility that a new industry will be born there. Engineers are the task of researching and developing AI related to fragrances in order to ensure the technology REVORN possesses.

Seniors in this occupation


In-house infrastructure engineer

​中村 享介


AI engineer

​松岡 直樹

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