Application Requirements

Recruitment requirements for REVORN

Application Requirements



Contract development sales

You will be engaged in new development contracted development sales operations.

Welcome skills >> IT-related knowledge, contract development sales experience

Project Manager

It is a business that provides solutions and services in cooperation with the in-house research and development team, such as project planning and negotiation with clients .

Welcome skill >> Basic knowledge / experience about AI / IoT


Planning / execution of media appearances on TV, newspapers, radio , writing of press release articles, event planning / holding / operation (company briefing session, announcement of new services, etc.), exhibition planning / operation at exhibitions, I use CXO Bank, facebook, twitter, yenta and other tools to contact people who are interested in Reborn.

Welcoming skills >> Sales experience (regular employee), diligent person

Back Office [General Affairs / Accounting]

You will be responsible for accounting and general affairs.
Welcoming skills >> Bookkeeping qualifications, experience using accounting software (Freee), practical experience in general affairs


Engineer (can be remote)

It is a business that conducts research and development by describing the specifications and documents of software related to AI and IoT, and implementing and verifying the code.

Essential skills >> Work experience in a general-purpose programming language (C / Python / Java etc.)

Welcome Skills >> Computer Science Master / Doctor / Machine Learning / Deep Learning Experience

Server engineer (can be remote)

It is a business that manages the operation of internal and external WEB services such as network design and server operation.

Essential Skills >> AWS operational experience and security knowledge

Welcome skill >> Development experience using Python

AI engineer (can be remote)

This business conducts research and development of services and products related to AI and IoT.
Required Skills >> Python Script Writing Experience

Welcome Skills >> Machine Learning / Deep Learning Experience

Embedded Engineer

This is the business of developing embedded software such as the "scent sensor (iinioi® Sensor)" that we have developed in-house.
Essential skills >> Embedded engineering or hard programming experience

Welcome skills >> Experience in embedded programming such as Python, FPGA, microcomputer

Software Engineer

This is the development work of the software that controls the "scent sensor (iinioi® Sensor)" that we have developed in-house and the IoT and robot devices.
Essential skills >> Embedded engineering or hard programming experience

Welcome Skills >> Python Skills, C / C ++ Skills, C #, Server Infrastructure Knowledge, GCP Knowledge, Kotlin, Java, JavaScript, Swift, Linux Knowledge, Wireless Modules such as BLE / Wi-Fi, Raspberry Pi Experience of use, knowledge of machine learning (TensorFlow, Chainer, etc.)

Mechanical design engineer

Business related to "fragrance sensor (iinioi® Sensor)", IoT, and design related to robot devices.

Details of work >> Case design ・ Detailed specification design ・ Design development planning such as target cost and development period, 3D modeling ・ 2D drawing creation, mechanism / case design work ・ Prototype assembly ・ Mold ordering ・ Prototype Evaluation / verification / mass production start-up at domestic / overseas factories

Welcoming skills >> Mechanical design work experience using 3D CAD

UI / UX / App / Web Designer

iOS / Android application design / development, UI / UX design, design, programming, etc.

Essential skills >> Any of the above work experience

Welcome skills >> Web design experience, iOS / Android application development experience

Research position

Odor researcher

We will conduct research related to odors. Mainly research work such as thesis writing.

Duties >> Fragrance analysis

Required Skills / Experience >> PhD, Ph.D. or willingness to proceed to PhD

Employment status

Full-time employee / Contract employee

Part-time job / Intern

Recruitment target

Those who have graduated or are expected to graduate from universities, graduate schools, technical colleges, and vocational schools by March 2021 and can join the company in April 2021.


Target Faculty / Department

All faculties All departments


Entry method

Please enter from the form below

Same as left

Documents to be submitted

Resume (attachment of face photo), work experience (half-time hiring)
Expected Graduation Certificate, Transcript

Resume (attachment of face photo), work experience (half-time hiring)


Commuting transportation

expenses paid Overtime allowance

*Sales staff will provide incentives according to the degree of achievement of the target.

Same as the left


Preferential treatment according to our regulations according to experience and ability

Same as left


Preferential treatment according to our regulations according to experience and ability


Working hours

10: 00 ~ 19: 00

(Actual work 8 hours, break 1 hour)

Shift system (Starting work 10: 00-Working 19:00)


* Consultation required if working hours per day are less than 4 hours


Holiday / Vacation

Every Saturday/Sunday, national holidays,

Year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid leave (1 day and half day), Special leave (marriage, childbirth, dislike, etc.), maternity leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave

Every Sunday, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid leave

Work location

Meguro head office or remote work

Same as the left

Job application form


If you submit the attached documents in PDF format, please send the data to the following email address.


<In email please provide information below>

・Name (full name)

・Mail address

・Phone number

・Desired occupation

<Required documents>


・ CV (halfway)

・ Portfolio (for technical staff)

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